Periodontal Maintenance Carmichael, CA

Stop the progression of periodontal disease before it becomes too late! Our periodontal maintenance package is designed to provide a more diligent oral hygiene routine while reducing the inflammation and bacteria growth around your teeth. Get ahead of the game and protect your gums with our specialized periodontal maintenance package. Schedule an appointment today to start taking control of your oral health!  Each patient is evaluated so a customized schedule can be maintained to avoid major damage to teeth and gums and support overall general health.

Give your gums the care they need with periodontal treatment from our office. Our team of highly qualified dentists will help reduce infection and buildup below the gum line, while taking measurements of pocket depth to ensure that your teeth remain healthy. Get rid of painful, swollen, and bleeding gums, and start enjoying a healthier smile with periodontal treatment today!

Scaling and Root Planing Carmichael, CA

Remove excess calculus/tartar, plaque and bacteria with a deep cleaning.
Get your teeth and gums back in shape with Scaling and Root Planing! Our state-of-the-art procedure gently cleans away plaque, tartar, and bacteria, leaving you feeling healthier and brighter. Get the deep clean you need now and start enjoying a smile that radiates confidence. With Scaling and Root Planing, you can start looking forward to a brighter future with healthier teeth and gums!

Our hygienists use state-of-the-art ultrasonic scalers and periodontal hand scalers to carefully remove all deposits and buildup on the visible surface of your tooth and below the gum line. Plus, we offer a mild anesthetic to help relieve any discomfort or stress. With Scaling and Root Planing, you’ll get a smoother smile and tighter gum tissue, protecting you from future build up. Experience the difference today!